Bible Survey

This book contains 11 lessons about the Bible. It is the 10,000 foot overview of the Word of God. By the time you have completed this lesson series, your students will have learned basic Bible skills such as

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Bible Survey Book

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Lesson 1: Introduction to the Bible

Lesson 2: The Books of Moses

Lesson 3: The Books of History

Lesson 4: The Poetry Books

Lesson 5: The Books of the Major Prophets

Lesson 6: The Books of the Minor Prophets

Lesson 7: The Gospels

Lesson 8: Acts - The History of the Church

Lesson 9: Paul's Letters

Lesson 10: General Letters

Lesson 11: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Other Docs

Lesson 1: Bible Puzzle Coloring Page

Lesson 5: Prophets Handout

Lesson 6: Minor Prophets Word Search

Lesson 6: Minor Prophets (longer alternative version)

Bible Games

Books of the Old Testament Song

Bible House - Memorize the books of the New Testament by "room"